Receive a complete Biblical Studies Education from the convenience of your own home!

Advantages of Liberty Home Bible Institute

Complete Education

A complete Biblical Studies education for less than you would pay at most colleges for one, 3-hour credit course


Real Diploma

A diploma in Biblical Studies from Liberty University, the largest accredited Christian university in the world


Keep Your Job

The convenience of not having to quit your job or move to get your education

Study Anywhere

A Biblical Studies education in the comfort of your own home ? review your lessons in your car, while on break at your job, while doing your chores and even while working out



The flexibility of determining your class schedule at your own paceThe flexibility of determining your class schedule at your own pace

A Changed Life

A changed life because of the experience of drawing closer to the Lord through home Bible study of the Word of God


Designed for All Levels

A Biblical Studies course designed for students of all levels of education from high-school dropouts to those who have received their Ph.D.

Easy to Learn

The ability to listen to your professor over and over again until you ‘get it’